ITS Installation & Maintenance

Strain Electric’s ITS Installation and & Maintenance service features fiber splicing and testing, OTDR testing, as well as other fiber services.

Fiber Splicing and Testing

Strain's Fiber Splicing and Testing Department realizes that breaks and poor connections along your fiber optic cabling can lead to major problems in the performance of your network. That is why we have state of the art testing to locate these damaged and severed cables.

With the ability to re-join breaks in the cable with fiber splicing, our technicians minimize date loss and are able to repair the fiber to like new.

OTDR Testing

Strain Electric’s OTDR Testing, otherwise known as Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment used to locate faults such as breaks, and to measure optical return loss, as well as overall attenuation. OTDR testing is the most comprehensive means of testing the integrity of your fiber optic system.

Strain Electric is focused on reducing costs, all while enhancing productivity and improving your network reliability. That is why we test your fiber optic system after installation is complete to ensure your system is fully functioning and to provide a base OTDR test for future servicing or system changes.

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